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Hi,I''m Amanda

the face behind the camera

Hey there! I've loved capturing stories from the moment I received my first point and shoot camera back in elementary school. From there my love for portrait photography grew.

You can always find me with a good book, working towards my yearly reading goal. I read over 200 books last year (and haven't slowed down since).

I recently graduated with a degree in Media Arts and Design, Creative Advertising at James Madison University. JMU holds a forever spot in my heart since that is where my business began and grew to what it is today! 

Now, I continue serving grads and couples all over Virginia but my go-bag is always ready if you want to take a trip!



I love romance novels but cringe at the movies. Action all the way!!

"Amanda is WONDERFUL!
Not only is she extremely talented, but she is very kind and thoughtful. She takes your suggestions and makes the session all about your wants. Amanda makes it an overall enjoyable experience and takes beautiful photos in the process. I highly recommend her for any photos sessions you desire. You will not be disappointed!"

-Jenna G.

Amanda is a portrait photographer specializing in capturing spirited seniors and charming couples in Northern Virginia, the Shenandoah Valley, and beyond.

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